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Ketem sleeping on her heating pad in a big cardboard box.Ketem, Hebrew for spot, is a very fussy 20 year old.

She does NOT like other cats and has ever changing, but very particular tastes in food.

Whatever she eats, and she gets to eat whatever she wants in deference to her age, it is very popular with all the other cats who stand around waiting for one to chase her away or for her to finish and leave a little on her plate.

Ketem spends her days and nights when she is not eating in a big cardboard box with a heating pad.


Ama is our noble, pure blood Russian Blue. He is diabetic, now in his fourth year with diabetes and the perfect diabetic. Ama often sleeps through his blood glucose testing and insulin shot, very conveniently leaving one paw dangling out of his cat bed.

Like all Russian Blue's, Ama is practically invisible. He spends most of his time sleeping quietely somewhere out of the way. Every once in a while, he heads for the bathtub to join The Water Rat, aka Precious, for a drink from the faucet. Even more rarely, Ama will find a toy and make the strangest sound to get your attention to come play with him. Once in a blue moon, a Russian Blue moon, of course, Ama will interact with one of the other cats, usually hissing or growling at them and on very rare occasions, swatting someone.